Hold Your Horses!

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All eyes are glued on Nawaz Sharif, and how he performs.

In the case of convicts, fourteen years is the period of imprisonment, often called the “transportation for life.” But 14 ye


The Risky Business of Addiction

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Afghanistan is infamous for its unending chaos and unchecked poppy production. As international forces gear up to leave, concerns are mounting about escalating ethnic tensions and


Fate in Balance

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The September 2013 elections in the Maldives will make or break the country which has already been struggling to embrace democracy for a long time.

“Fairness at a minimum requires a


The Leading Lady of Bangladesh

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Sheikh Hasina faces political turbulence over many of her decisions; the forthcoming elections will decide her fate.

The eldest of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman’s five children, Sheikh Hasina is


Sustaining Education

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Sri Lanka boasts a 94% literacy rate, the highest in South Asia. But what does that truly mean for a country just emerging from three decades of civil war?

Reeling from three decades


Perils of Good Diplomacy

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Political reforms have come at the cost of severe human rights violations in Myanmar. How long can the international community ignore such atrocities in the favor of engaged diplomatic


The Solar Frontier

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With energy needs on the rise, India is fast emerging as a leader in solar power generation.

India is one of the most populous countries of the world. With a rising population, the


Poetry in Stone

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A plethora of literature exists about the Taj Mahal: one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The sheer number of books, written over time, have discussed the historical background of

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Current Issue


Ever since Gen. Pervez Musharraf returned to Pakistan, he has been caught in a miasma of misinformation that has been created by the media to further certain negative perceptions about him. The courts are doing their bit to queer the pitch. While there has been a huge outcry to invoke Article 6 against Gen. Musharraf for allegedly committing high treason, deep in the echelons of power, it is well understood that this would open the mythical Pandora’s Box and would entail rolling of a good many important heads.


Perhaps Musharraf was not ready for the disillusionment that he now faces. The very media he had freed has turned against him, vociferously applauding the treatment the judiciary is meting out to him in its crass vindictiveness. There is a well-organized anti-Musharraf campaign that is on these days through news stories, panel discussions and TV tickers.


Of late, the legal term ‘suo moto’ (meaning on its own motion) has almost become a household word in Pakistan, thanks to the frequent actions taken under the suo moto provision of the law by the superior judiciary. However, this same judiciary has not bothered to take suo moto action against the late Akbar Bugti’s son for announcing head money of Rs.1 billion and land for anyone who kills Pervez Musharraf.

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