Hillary's Trident: Huma Abedin

Written by Roger Steinberg  •  June 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Huma Abedin - Hillary’s Secret Weapon according to VOGUE - has remained in the shadows. But she has been thrust unwillingly into the media spotlight due to her husband’s scandal.

Many people have been recently talking about Abedin. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton.  She is married to New York Congressman Anthony Weiner who has been plastered all over the media networks for sending a revealing photograph of himself on Twitter to a 21-year old woman in Washington.  The media instantly jumped on covering Abedin and how all this has impacted her; and more importantly who is Abedin anyway?

Huma Abedin was born in Michigan in 1976 into a very intellectual and educated family.  Her father was a Muslim scholar from India who passed away in the early 1990’s.  Her mother is a Pakistani-born Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Institute for Muslim Affairs in London.  She also holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.  Abedin herself is a graduate George Washington University.

It can be speculated that Abedin’s Pakistani and Indian background is a big reason why Hillary Clinton asked her to be her undersecretary at the State Department.  VOGUE has called Huma Abedin: Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon.  Clinton has tirelessly worked to rebuild the bridges in the Middle-East and South Asia, and it’s without a doubt that Abedin and her South Asian background certainly has helped Clinton become a larger player on a global stage.

Abedin is reportedly considered by the Clinton family as a daughter. She has also been aligned with the election of other New York-based Democrats. Abedin worked as a fundraiser for President Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign against Kansas Senator Bob Dole. She would catapult the work as a fundraiser into becoming a White House intern. Abedin was key in helping Hillary Clinton learn quickly about key issues associated with the city of Buffalo, for example.

Abedin and Congressman Weiner where known to have a strong marriage where they are very respectful of each other’s spiritual needs. Anthony Weiner happens to be of the Jewish faith while his wife is a practicing Muslim. Abedin and Anthony Weiner were viewed by many people as a sign that people could deal with the conflict in the Middle East in a rational way.

People have also focused upon Abedin’s great sense of style. Oscar de la Renta is a person who happens to speak very highly of Abedin. People all over the world have talked about Abedin’s ability to leave you breathless and take notice of what she is doing.  Observers have actually said that Abedin looks so good in certain forms of attire that you have not lived until you have seen her in a strapless dress. Abedin has been essential in the process of informing her colleagues about some of the key players within the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Abedin is not likely to let the media into her life just because of the scandal associated with her husband. But the fact of the matter is that the media is not likely to stop hounding her for a very long time. We just hope that the media will grow tired of this story, move on to other celebrity scandals, and let conscientious individuals like Huma Abedin continue building bridges. 

Roger Steinberg has spent the last 5 years touring Central Asia, investigating the history and organizational structure of the Sufi Darvīsh.  He studies history at George Washington University and has written extensively on the history and art of the Middle-East.  He is currently interested in the cultural and philosophical exchange between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Central and Near Asia during the middle-ages.

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This is awesome!
written by Paul , July 05, 2011

I think this is a great article. Abedin is not likely to let the media into her life just because of the scandal associated with her husband. But the fact of the matter is that the media is not likely to stop hounding her for a very long time.
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