Mumbai Bomb Blast Timeline

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July 13th

At 6:54 p.m. three bomb blasts rip through Mumbai over the next 11 minutes.

July 14th

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, before the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, declared that each family of the deceased victims would be compensated Rs 5 lakh and the injured would receive Rs 50,000 each. He had added that all medical expenses would be paid by the government.

July 17th

Some phone numbers, out of 150,000 that were analyzed from towers near the blasts, were traced to Madhya Pradesh. The Kolkata Police detained a suspected Indian Mujahideen operative.

Riazul Sarkar, of Bangladesh origins, was arrested in the Kishanganj district, while hiding out in a village.

Faiz Usmani, a suspect in the bombings, died in the hospital. The family allege police tortured him, while the police claim the man had failed to take his hypertension medicine. A CID probe has been launched into the incident.

July 18th

Haroon, a known IM terrorist, was arrested in the morning as a result of information obtained by the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad,

Both the police and an NIA team ask Riazul Sarkar questions as he is produced in court in Bihar.

July 19th

Blackburn Rovers put off the first ever Premier League pre-season friendly to be played in India. The team is owned by Venky, an Indian poultry company. The match was to be played in Pune, merely 200km from the location of the blasts.

July 20th

Mumbai police are examining closed-circuit footage recovered from the blast sites.

July 21st

The Maharashtra Government raised the compensation for the injured victims of the attacks on the 13th. New compensations would be Rs 3 lakh for the permanently disabled, Rs 1 lakh for inpatients, and Rs 10,000 for outpatients, according to an official release.

Rs 60 lakh is all that has been disbursed to relatives of 12 out of the 21 killed and Rs 76 lakh to 94 of the 140 injured. The Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, which is currently active, adds an additional Rs 2 lakh to the families of the deceased and Rs 1 lakh for each of the injured.

Diamond trading is relatively calm in spite of the attacks in the diamond hub of Mumbai. While the polished dealers are experiencing tranquility in the market, rough dealers are managing amidst a 10% De Beers Diamond Trading Company hike.

Brendan Horowitz is an investigative journalist who has previously covered the War in Iraq and Afghanistan for various leading publications in the United States and United Kingdom.  He writes mostly on security studies and international law.

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