Writer's Guidelines

We welcome contributions from our readers, and are always in search of analytical commentaries on global ground-breaking issues

The articles can cover a diverse range of topics from international political economy, to security and intelligence, to global and regional political events.  We also welcome book reviews, and commentaries on socio-cultural issues like gender empowerment and race relations.

We have a very strong relationship with Southasia Periodical and encourage articles on new histories and analysis of The Cold-War, as well as outlooks on the Post Cold-War impacts on our world today.

The articles need not be time-bound, and should have a strong research and factual component.  We strongly value academic and journalistic freedom, and actively seek diverse perspectives which fuel a lively discourse.  However, articles submitted without a formal research structure will automatically be penalized.  Sources and citations (if any) should also be embedded as endnotes following the article.

Authors are encouraged to submit photos to accompany their pieces. Authors must hold the rights to these images, if any of these images are considered for publication on our pages

Submissions will undergo a rigorous editing process for clarity, passive voice, and style; though we will make a concerted effort to stay as true to the writer’s voice as possible.

Please note that the word limit of the pieces should not exceed 1500 words.  Exceptions can be made if a prior rationale is provided to the editors.  Please do not submit actual articles.  Requisition for Publication must be made prior to any submission.  Editors will contact you directly if we are interested.

Online articles may be considered for publication in the print edition of SouthAsia, and the writers might be offered and honorarium.

Kindly include the following documents when submitting your request:

  • 100 word synopsis of the article.  This should outline the basic premise and argument of the piece. Please also include why this is viewpoint is unique in its content.
  • Educational or relevant work experience
  • List of prior published articles or books

Please direct all Requisition for Publications to the following email address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please give us a week before submitting your article to another publication.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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